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Why should I join the NSL?

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The NSL is a 501(c)3 non-profit, professional organization for submariners and their supporters. Anyone* – submariners and non-submariners – should join the Naval Submarine League to…

  • Support today’s Submarine Force
  • Keep up to date on Submarine Force priorities
  • Read The Submarine Review
  • Attend NSL events
  • Meet Submarine Force and industry leaders
  • Participate in NSL programs to educate the public
  • Network with the private NSL LinkedIn group
  • Network at chapter events
  • Work with other NSL members to support boats and crews
  • Help preserve the heritage of the Submarine Force

*The President of the NSL must approve memberships for individuals who are not U.S. citizens.


Individual members receive invitations to the History Seminar, the Annual Symposium, and the Submarine Technology Symposium and receive biweekly NSL Update emails. They receive a subscription to the quarterly journal, The Submarine Review, which is available to all members online on the website, can be provided in hard-copy by mail. Every member is affiliated with one of the 10 chapters and receives news of local chapter meetings and activities. Individual members may participate in many of the outreach activities such as the Speakers Bureau.

After logging into the website, members can find the current issue of The Submarine Review, update their member profile, and locate other NSL members. (An electronic archive of all past issues of The Submarine Review and the NSL LinkedIn Group are under development.)

RATES – What kind of membership should i choose?

Students are eligible for a free, one-year membership with online access to The Submarine Review.
WWII submariners are eligible for a free, life membership with online access to The Submarine Review.
For inquiries, contact
Click here to join: STUDENT/WWII VET

The price for individual membership depends on the membership term (one year, three year, or life) and how The Submarine Review is accessed (online only or online and printed).
Libraries and other organizations which want to subscribe to receive a printed copy of The Submarine Review, should choose the PRINTED button below for a one-year “membership.”  However, subscriptions do not include individual membership privileges.

REVIEW Online Only

$320 – Age 39 and younger
$245 – Age 40-59
$185 – Age 60 and older


REVIEW Online and Printed

$645* – Age 39 and younger
$495* – Age 40-59
$370* – Age 60 and older

ONE-YEAR – $42

* Individuals and libraries/organizations residing outside the U.S. are required to pay an additional $30 per year for postage if receiving a printed copy of The Submarine Review by mail. You will be contacted and billed separately for international postage.


To pay in full for a one-year, three-year, or life membership, click below to join or renew for online access only or to receive a printed The Submarine Review in addition to online access. Pay by credit card online or print the form and mail a check to 405 N Henry Sreet, Alexandria, VA 22314

Online __________ Printed

Life membership may be paid with a credit card over a 5-year period. To pay for a life membership by credit card with five equal annual payments, click here: