Commander, Submarine Forces, the Naval Submarine League and The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory are pleased to announce a Call for Abstracts for Presentations and Exhibits for the Submarine Technology Symposium 2020 (STS 2020). Presentations and exhibits will be selected based on technical content and relevance to the Symposium theme and session topics as described below. Please note that classified presentations containing test data and operational results are encouraged. Unclassified abstracts for both presentations and exhibits must be submitted electronically using an online form, which can be accessed at the bottom of this page of instructions.  Presenters accepted for the Symposium will have the option, but not a requirement, to provide a paper to be published in the Proceedings.  THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING ABSTRACTS WAS 8 NOVEMBER 2019.

To submit an UNCLASSIFIED abstract for a STS 2020 paper or exibit, a two-factor authentication process is being used. Please follow all the steps in the instructions below to ensure that your abstract is correctly entered into our system.  Unless you complete steps 7 and 8 to authenticate, your submission will not be entered.
For CLASSIFIED abstracts, do not use this form, but contact Dave Barsic at 
1. Enter all the required details on the Abstracts Submission Form.
2. Click the ‘Submit Your Abstract’ button (once only).
3. A confirmation window will appear. Read through the main elements of the abstract.

4. Click on the ‘Yes’ button to submit it.
5. A ‘Verification Code’ window will pop up.

6. You should also receive an email with the confirmation code in bold.

7. Please enter the confirmation code from the email in the ‘Confirmation Code:’ box in the pop up window.
8. Click on the ‘Confirm’ button. This will save your abstract submission to the system database, and send out the necessary confirmation/notification emails. You will receive an acknowledgement email with the heading shown below that will confirm that your abstract has been accepted .