Submarine Technology Symposium (STS) is a classified (SECRET/NOFORN) three-day conference held at the Kossiakoff Center on the campus of Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (11100 Johns Hopkins Road, Laurel, MD 20723). This is a premier opportunity for Navy leadership, Industry, and Academia to engage in productive technical exchanges. Industry, government, and academia are invited to submit abstracts for presentation.
The on-site format includes selected displays of new technology developments. Speakers generally allow time for Q&A and there are breaks between sessions to foster discussion and networking.

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STS 2024 Printable Agenda
Security Clearance Information
Terms and Conditions

Government/Military Quota Control
Registration Information and Forms
Area Hotels with Group Rates
Dress Code
How to Order a DVD
Form SF-182 Information for Government Employees (scroll to bottom of this page)

2024 Agenda

Click Here for printable 2024 Agenda – Draft as of 11 April 2024

2024 Security Clearance/ Visit Request Requirement

Admittance into the Symposium will not be permitted unless a valid DoD clearance is received in advance.
All attendees, including government civilians and Active Duty, must submit a Classified Visit Request to the JHU/APL Visitor Control Office by 1 May 2024, via the Defense Information System for Security to SMO code 888984.
Indicate that the visit is for “Submarine Technology Symposium” with event dates May 14-16, 2024.  (If you are a speaker attending the run-through on May 13, request event dates May 13-16, 2024.)  For the DISS form, technical POC is Andrea Bennett.
Direct questions to JHU/APL Visitor control at 240-228-5661 or

Terms and Conditions

CLASSIFIED NOTE TAKING is not permitted. CELL PHONES, FITNESS/ACTIVITY TRACKERS, and ANY OTHER WI-FI or BLUETOOTH DEVICES, including medical devices, will not be allowed in the auditorium. If you have a medical device, you or your security officer can reach out to the APL FSO Medical Device Team at for approval.

U.S. Government / Military Quota Control

The number of government/military personnel who can attend is limited by the Navy.  If you wish to attend, send an email request with your name and organization to Layna Nelson, Science Advisor, COMSUBFOR at


To accommodate more attendees, Parsons Auditorium, on the JHU/APL campus, is being added in 2024.
– Parsons is on the JHU/APL campus, a block up the street from the Kossiakoff Center (K-Center). Shuttles will be available.
– The presentations will be shown on a large screen. There will be no real-time Q&A, but question cards will be available in advance.
– Parsons attendees will have breakfast and check in at the Kossiakoff Center each morning.
– Break snacks and lunch will be provided in the Parsons building.
– Parsons attendees will return to the K-Center for the Tuesday reception, the Wednesday banquet, and to view the exhibits.
     – The registration fee for Parson is $95 less than for the K-Center (except for government employees whose fee is $600 at both venues).
Please choose the registration form for the venue you prefer.


NSL MEMBER means the person who is registering is an individual member of the NSL.  Please do not use someone else’s number or a corporate account number. Members can find their account number at the top of the biweekly NSL UPDATE email, or call the office at 703-256-0891.


SEATS ARE AVAILABLE IN PARSONS AUDITORIUM (see New Venue notes above and then register with  a blue button below)



2024 Refund Policy —All refund and cancellation requests must be submitted in writing no later than 6 May 2024 by sending an email to Refunds on or before 6 May 2024 will be charged a $50.00 fee. There are no refunds for cancellations after 6 May 2024.

2024 Hotel Information

Homewood Suites – $111/ night
Rates available 12-16 May 2024. Book by 22 April 2024.
Click to book group rate.

Residence Inn  – $111/ night  DISCOUNTED BLOCK SOLD OUT
Rates available 12-17 May 2024.
Click to book group rate.

SpringHill Suites – $111/ night DISCOUNTED BLOCK SOLD OUT
Rates available 12-16 May 2024. Book by 16 April 2024.
Click to book group rate.

Hampton Inn – $111/ night
Rates available 12-16 May 2024.
Click to book group rate.

Dress Code

Active Duty speakers – summer whites
Active Duty attendees – khakis
Civilian attendees – business casual


About the 2024 DVDs
– The $250 technical DVD will be at the SECRET/NOFORN level, with PPTX files from the technical presentations.
The 2024 Submarine Technology Symposium Proceedings (classified technical presentations) will be available free on SIPRNET.

To purchase a classified DVD, a link will be provided below or can be ordered on the registration form.  The form requires email and phone for your Security POC, the address for receiving classified material, and (if not government) your organization’s Cage Code, as well as a credit or debit card for payment.  The not-for-profit $250 cost will cover secure production and handling requirements in accordance with the National Industrial Security Program.  DO NOT ORDER A CLASSIFIED DVD IF YOUR ORGANIZATION IS NOT CLEARED TO RECEIVE AND HOLD INFORMATION CLASSIFIED SECRET/NOFORN BY THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE.

STS 2024 Theme: Today’s Competition…Tomorrow’s Fight…

The US undersea force is in the midst of a global competition with both China and Russia. China continues to outpace the United States as the largest navy in the world, making the Western Pacific and beyond more challenging every day. Russia continues to prioritize and invest in its undersea forces even while fighting a protracted land war, producing highly capable platforms with the reach to challenge our undersea force and that of our partners in both oceans. The United States and our partners must be ready for a fight in the near future and must be positioned to win that fight. Success in today’s competition and tomorrow’s fight will require us to provide our force with the tools and capabilities to expand its reach. The seabed and subsea domains pose new challenges and our undersea force will be required to operate in those domains more frequently. US and allied undersea forces must be equipped for the challenges and the pace of the fight. A critical enabler of our force’s success in today’s competition and tomorrow’s fight will be expanding lethality as well as establishing and enforcing access, no matter the theater, no matter the adversary. Additionally, our strategic forces will play a key role in helping to deter tomorrow’s fight through the transition to COLUMBIA. Finally, our partnerships and alliances in the regions affected by today’s competition and tomorrow’s fight will be critical to our success – the US and our allies must have the tools to enable the collaboration that these partnerships provide. The undersea force will be the key linchpin to dominating today’s competition in order to win tomorrow’s fight.

With that in mind, we invite you to the 2024 Submarine Technology Symposium with the theme of “Today’s Competition… Tomorrow’s Fight” as covered in the following sessions:

2024 Session Descriptions

Click here for 2024 SESSION DESCRIPTION

2023 Refund Policy — All refund and cancellation requests must be submitted in writing no later than 1 May 2023 by sending an email to Refunds on or before 1 May 2023 will be charged a $50.00 fee. There are no refunds for cancellations after 1 May 2023.


Call for Abstracts/Displays CLOSED FOR 2024 on Dec. 1, 2023

Commander, Submarine Forces, the Naval Submarine League, and The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory will announce a Call for Abstracts for Presentations and Exhibits for the Submarine Technology Symposium 2025 (STS 2025). Presentations and exhibits will be selected based on technical content and relevance to the Symposium theme and session topics as described. Please note that classified presentations containing test data and operational results are encouraged. Unclassified abstracts for both presentations and exhibits must be submitted electronically using an online form. To access the abstract submission form and instructions for submission, please go to the link provided here when it is available.

Presenters accepted for the symposium will have the option, but not a requirement, to provide a paper to be published in the Proceedings.

Click here for 2024 Speaker Information.

Section B – Training Course Data
1a. Naval Submarine League, 405 N Henry St, Alexandria, VA 22314
1b. Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, MD
1c. 703-256-0891
2a. Submarine Technology Symposium (SECRET)
2b. NA
3. 2024-05-14
4. 2024-05-16
5. 26
6. 0
7. 03-Improve/Maintain Present Performance
8. 01 – Training Program Area
9. 09 – Project Management
10. 04 – Conference/workshop
11. 05 – N/A
12. 0
13. blank
14. No
15. N/A
16. blank
17. 03 – Non-government
18. Improve understanding of submarine and technology related organization objectives. Engage in productive technical exchanges with Navy leadership, Industry, and Academia.
Section C – Costs and Billing Information
1a. $600.00
1b. 0
1c. $600.00