STS is a classified (SECRET/NOFORN) three-day conference held at the Kossiakoff Center on the campus of Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (11100 Johns Hopkins Road, Laurel, MD 20723). This is a premier opportunity for Navy leadership, Industry, and Academia to engage in productive technical exchanges. Industry, government, and academia are invited to submit abstracts for presentation.
The on-site format includes selected displays of new technology developments. Speakers generally allow time for Q&A and there are breaks between sessions to foster discussion and networking


STS 2023 Theme: “Undersea Dominance and Deterrence in the ‘Decade of Maximum Danger’” 
The US Undersea Force is one of the most lethal and capable undersea forces in the world; however, we are entering a “decade of maximum danger” and we must maintain a sense of urgency in order to execute our plans, preserve our overmatch, and ensure we are ready to fight now.  We need to address long-term competition with China and sustain our military advantage against Russia, as our adversaries are expending large amounts of resources in an attempt to erode our overmatch in the undersea domain. China has already fielded the largest navy in the world and is rapidly improving its capabilities in both the surface and undersea; we must deter the PLA(N) threat and if necessary, defeat their efforts in the maritime domain. This decade will also see the fielding of COLUMBIA as well as the continued development of the next generation of SSN, all while pushing to maintain our aging undersea force at its maximum readiness. We have to ensure that our forces can be quickly modernized with the capabilities we need to maintain our edge in this critical decade and beyond.  Additionally, our allies and partners recognize the US Navy as their on-scene partner for building combined maritime strength, and we must do whatever it takes to enhance that relationship.  In order to further strengthen the Navy’s warfighting advantage, the Force must be ready to deter and, if necessary, dominate in the undersea domain of both today and the future.
With that in mind, we invite you to the 2023 Submarine Technology Symposium with the theme of “Undersea Dominance and Deterrence in the ‘Decade of Maximum Danger,’” as covered in the following sessions: 

2023 Session Descriptions

Click here for 2023 SESSION DESCRIPTION

2022 Registration Fees

2022 Refund Policy — All refund and cancellation requests must be submitted in writing no later than 9 May 2022 by sending an email to Refunds on or before 9 May 2022 will be charged a $50.00 fee. There are no refunds for cancellations after 9 May 2022.


All attendees will be required to show proof of COVID-19 VACCINATION each day. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2022 Security Clearance/ Visit Request Requirement

Admittance into the Symposium will not be permitted unless a valid DoD clearance is received in advance.
All attendees, including government civilians and Active Duty, must submit a Classified Visit Request to the JHU/APL Visitor Control Office by Monday 9 May, via the Defense Information System for Security (DISS has replaced JPAS) to SMO code 888984.  POC for the DISS form is Andrea Bennett at 240-228-4275.
Indicate that the visit is for “Submarine Technology Symposium” with event dates May 17-19, 2022.  (If you are a speaker attending the run-through on May 16 request event dates May 16-19, 2022.)
Direct questions to JHU/APL Visitor control at 240-228-5661.

U.S. Government / Military Quota Control

The number of government/military personnel who can attend is limited.  If you wish to attend, send an email request with your name and organization to Tony Bausas at

Information posted below about the 2022 STS is provided for reference purposes only.  All 2023 information will be posted above this sentence.

TO PURCHASE THE 2022 CLASSIFIED DVD:  no longer available

About the 2022 DVDs
– The $250 technical DVD will be at the SECRET/NOFORN level, with PPTX files from the technical presentations.
The 2022 Submarine Technology Symposium Proceedings (classified technical presentations) will be available free on SIPRNET.

To purchase a classified DVD, use the link below.  The form requires contact information for your Security POC, the address for receiving classified material, and (if not government) your organization’s Cage Code, as well as a credit or debit card for payment.  The not-for-profit $250 cost will cover secure production and handling requirements in accordance with the National Industrial Security Program.  DO NOT ORDER A CLASSIFIED DVD IF YOUR ORGANIZATION IS NOT CLEARED TO RECEIVE AND HOLD INFORMATION CLASSIFIED SECRET/NOFORN BY THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE.



Dress Code

Active Duty speakers – summer whites
Active Duty attendees – khakis
Civilian attendees – business casual

Address & Parking Information

11100 Johns Hopkins Road, Laurel, MD 20723
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Hotel Information

All hotel rooms have a check-in date of 5/15/22 and a check-out date of 5/19/22.

Residence Inn Fulton at Maple Lawn for 106 USD per night
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Homewood Suites for 106 USD per night
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SpringHill Suites Columbia for 106 USD per night
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Hampton Inn & Suites Columbia South for 106 USD per night
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2022 AGENDA 

  • TUESDAY, MAY 17 — Click here for agenda.
  • WEDNESDAY, MAY 18 — Click here for agenda.
  • THURSDAY, MAY 19 — Click here for agenda.


Call for Abstracts/Displays                                           Submission Deadline 18 November 2022

Commander, Submarine Forces, the Naval Submarine League, and The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory are pleased to announce a Call for Abstracts for Presentations and Exhibits for the Submarine Technology Symposium 2023 (STS 2023). Presentations and exhibits will be selected based on technical content and relevance to the Symposium theme and session topics as described below. Please note that classified presentations containing test data and operational results are encouraged. Unclassified abstracts for both presentations and exhibits must be submitted electronically using an online form. To access the abstract submittal form and instructions for submission, please go to