History Seminar

This event consisted of a panel discussion of the role of submarines in the Cold War and the movie that showed it to the world. For 27 days in 1972, USS Guardfish (SSN 612) tracked a Soviet submarine from Vladivostok to the South China Sea off the coast of Viet Nam. This mission was declassified in 1999.

In 1990, with the cooperation of the U.S. Navy, The Hunt for Red October was produced, bringing Tom Clancy’s dramatic story of the cat-and-mouse life of the Silent Service to the screen.

Moderator – David A. Rosenberg, Ph.D.
Military historian and NSL History Seminar Chairperson

Panelist – ADM Thomas D. Fargo, USN, Ret.
CDR Fargo was the commanding officer of USS Salt Lake City, which took Scott Glenn (who played the commanding officer of the U.S. submarine in the movie) to sea to watch a real submarine crew at work before filming began.

Panelist – CAPT David C. Minton, III, USN, Ret.
CDR Minton was the commanding officer of USS Guardfish during the 1972 mission trailing a Soviet Echo II missile submarine.

Panelist – RADM David R. Oliver, Jr., USN, Ret.
LCDR Oliver was on the staff of ADM Zumwalt in the Pentagon in 1972. He assisted CAPT Al Baciocco in the Naval Operations Command Center when the Guardfish alerted the President that three Russian submarines armed with nuclear cruise missiles were underway, possibly to target U.S. carriers off the coast of Vietnam.

Panelist – Mr. Mace Neufeld
Mr. Neufeld was a producer of The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, and The Sum of All Fears, based on bestselling books of Tom Clancy.  He has many other credits in film, television and entertainment.

The NSL presents an annual History Seminar, highlighting a significant event or time in submarine history. It is often a panel discussion with people who were there and people who have studied and written about the topic. This event is open to the public.