Workforce Stars Award



The Workforce Stars Award will recognize five trades-craft personnel who have been identified and selected as “Exemplary” contributors to the construction, maintenance or repair of our submarines or their industrial infrastructure. The Naval Submarine League is presenting this award to recognize outstanding workers in a positive way and to encourage them to act as role models for future potential trades personnel. By providing national recognition of the awardees and their contributions, our goal is to encourage young people to consider a career path in the trades and thereby help our country rebuild its industrial base.


This award recognizes the outstanding contributions of young adults who are actively employed in the Submarine Industrial Base. Any Government, Navy, or NSL corporate organization, that provides components or services used in the construction, maintenance, or repair of submarines and submarine systems, including the fabrication or repair of components installed on submarines, is eligible to submit a nomination. The Workforce Stars Award is intended for personnel employed in the following areas, or in related capacities, at public and private shipyards as well as in private companies executing similar work at their facilities:

  • Trades-craft personnel (e.g., welder, pipefitter, electrician, etc.)
  • Production Labor
  • Modernization and Sustainment Workers


Candidates should be recognized for efforts related to the advancement of the submarine industry and who have achieved measurable results due to personal performance and individual contributions.

Personal Performance Criteria:

  • Exemplifies craftsmanship and achievements in their individual discipline.
  • The accomplishment is directly associated with production labor in the construction and/or maintenance of submarine systems or components, of any type (hull, mechanical, electrical, electronic, etc.)
  • The contribution had an important outcome:
    • Resolved a mission-limiting material challenge in a time-stressed environment, where success would not have been achieved without the individual’s action, or
    • The contribution represented a breakthrough in process improvement, resulting in an improvement in cost, schedule, or quality.
  • Has a maximum of 12 years in the trade or craft.


Consideration may be given to candidates who have performed additional activities in marketing, recruitment, education, and innovation. Examples of these supplemental activities include:

  • Marketing
    • Supports campaigns promoting the submarine industry.
    • Contributes to social media that attracts a younger audience.
    • Supports campaigns promoting their specific trade.
  • Recruitment
    • Actively participates in career fairs/events that target young adults.
    • Helps or leads in recruiting new employees into the workforce.
    • Recruits specialized/critical skills workers.
    • Has actively encouraged young adults to join the workforce (school programs, etc.).
  • Education
    • Engages with K-12 and/or post-secondary educational institutions to educate students on careers in the submarine workforce.
    • Actively volunteers in youth programs.
    • Mentors youth and/or young adults participating in industry training.
  • Innovation
    • Implements new technology that enhances the production of their work or the appeal of the submarine industry.
    • Participates in XR, VR, or AR training technology tailored to younger generation.



Candidates may be nominated by any organization cited in the Award Eligibility section.
Each award nomination must identify the individual, his/her organization, and the organization’s Point of Contact [with their contact information] who can answer any questions about the nomination. The nomination must be submitted with no more than three pages of justification. No additional attachments will be evaluated. The deadline is 31 May 2024.

Award Selection:

  • The NSL Nominating Committee is responsible for selection of the awardees.
  • No more than one awardee will be chosen from an organization.
  • By 15 August 2024, the committee will review all eligible submissions and determine the top five awardees based on the award criteria.



“Workforce Stars” will be recognized at the NSL Annual Symposium & Industry Update.

The award will consist of:

  • A citation documenting the circumstances of the accomplishment and a plaque which will be presented at the League’s Annual Symposium.
  • An emblem of the award that is suitable for wearing on their hard hat or clothing.
  • A One-Year Membership in the Naval Submarine League.
  • Travel, conference fee, and accommodation costs covered for the awardee and one guest.


The names and photos of the awardees will be published on the NSL web page and in The Submarine Review. Upon notification of selection, awardees need to provide their contact information, a releasable biography & photo, and contact information for their guest.