VADM Charles A. Lockwood Award

Established in 1986, The Vice Admiral Charles A. Lockwood Award for Submarine Professional Excellence recognizes individuals (Active or Reserve) for achievement, contribution, specific action or consistent performance, which best exemplifies the traditional spirit embodied in the Submarine Force. Three awards are presented annually – one each to an officer, a chief petty officer and an E-6 or junior enlisted submariner.

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2022 Award Winner:

LCDR Erin D. Gehlhausen, USN


for outstanding performance as Weapons Officer on USS New Hampshire (SSN 778).

Lieutenant Commander Gelhausen was the driving force behind receiving the 2021 Battle Efficiency “E” award in Submarine Squadron Six and the Navy Commendation Award for New Hampshire’s recent European Theater deployment. She routinely demonstrates outstanding watch standing capabilities as the maneuvering watch Officer of the Deck and as Command Duty Officer. She has earned the complete confidence of her Commanding Officer. She has been a critical factor in New Hampshire’s operation in challenging under-ice environments and has been instrumental in re-writing the book on arctic operations. She has impeccably planned and executed three weapons loads and two pre-overseas maintenance availabilities. As a key member of the strike party and battle station teams, she oversees all engagement planning and weapons employment. She provides timely watch team backup and recommendations. Her weapons handling team has been evaluated by the parent squadron as the fleet’s best. In the loss of the ship’s Navigator due to illness, she stepped up to performing all duties of Weapons Officer, Navigator, and Operations Officer simultaneously. She devotes considerable time to mentoring junior officers. The wardroom’s level of knowledge has improved considerably under her tutelage. She embodies the virtues of the ideal submariner through her aggressive drive, skill, and leadership.

Lieutenant Commander Erin D. Gehlhausen is most deserving of recognition by the Naval Submarine League to receive the Vice Admiral Charles A. Lockwood Award for Submarine Professional Excellence.


Vice Admiral Charles A. Lockwood, Jr.

VADM Charles A Lockwood

Vice Admiral Charles A. Lockwood, Jr.After graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1912, Charles Lockwood served in the battleships Mississippi and Arkansas. Subsequently, he served in ten surface ships, commanding four; commanded eight submarines; and had command of two submarine divisions.
In April 1942, Vice Admiral Lockwood was assigned as Commander of Submarines, Southwest Pacific. In February 1943, he became Commander, Submarines, U.S. Pacific Fleet. As COMSUBPAC, he was responsible for planning and executing the submarine war against the Imperial Japanese Empire. This responsibility he carried out to perfection, culminating in U.S. submarines penetrating Japanese home waters in the Sea of Japan. As an astute tactician and truly professional naval officer, his service and accomplishments were recognized time and again in the form of medals and citations. Extracts from selected citations are included here as examples of Vice Admiral Lockwood’s service to his country and the Allied Forces:
“For exceptionally meritorious service… as Commander Submarines, Southwest Pacific… (he) served with distinction during a period when Japanese air and sea power was at its height. A daring, forceful and inspiring leader, he directed the operations of his forces aggressively in carrying the attack to the enemy with the result that the submarines under his command sank 58 enemy ships and damaged 41 others…”
“For exceptionally meritorious conduct… he initiated an experimental MK 14 Torpedo Test program… the increased efficiency resulted in increased tonnage of enemy ships sunk and this in turn has improved the confidence of the officers and enlisted men of the submarine force.”
“… he brought his gallant command to the peak of combat efficiency in support of the Allied offensive against Iwo Jima and Okinawa… contributed materially to the success of our sustained drive to force the capitulation of the Japanese Empire…”
Those presented the Naval Submarine League Vice Admiral Charles A. Lockwood Award for Professional Excellence can cherish with pride this tie to one of our great naval heroes.