NROTC Awards

The Naval Submarine League’s Outstanding Achievement Award is presented the outstanding NROTC graduate approved for entry into the Navy’s nuclear propulsion program. It recognizes students with proven academic and leadership skills and is named in honor of Rear Admiral Frederick B. Warder, a standout among the many World War II submarine heroes. Admiral Warder, who commanded Seawolf, was a courageous, aggressive, and innovative submariner. He was revered by his crew who respectfully dubbed him “Fearless Freddie.”

The award is presented by NSL members whenever possible and consists of a certificate, a letter, acknowledgment in The Submarine Review and on the NSL website, and a one-year membership in the Naval Submarine League. The administration and rules for the award are outlined in instruction NSTC M-1533.2A, Appendix E, Section 1-2, Para. 5.

Each of the following awardees has demonstrated superior, sustained performance in a difficult and challenging academic and operational environment and, as a result, has earned his or her Commanding Officer’s nomination for this distinctive award:

Congratulations to the 2024 Recipients:


         University                                                                                     Recipient

Auburn University                                                                    Midshipman Spencer R. Lott

Chicago Consortium                                                                 Midshipman Zack Nkadi

College of the Holy Cross                                                         Midshipman Morgan B. Whitney

Cornell University                                                                    Midshipman Carly A. Powers

Duke University                                                                       Midshipman Clayton K. Bromley

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University                                      Midshipman Bronwyn O. Rees

Harvard University                                                                  Midshipman Christian McIver

Florida A&M University                                                            Midshipman Justin A. Sepulveda

George Washington University                                                 Midshipman Gabriella Barone-Graybill

Georgia Institute of Technology                                               Midshipman Samuel Cochran

Hawaii, University of                                                               Midshipman Zachary G. Barto

Illinois University of                                                                Midshipman Ethan J. Boder

Iowa, University of                                                                   Officer Candidate Gavin Bunker

Kansas, University of                                                                Officer Candidate Teaghen Shoup

Maryland, Baltimore County, University of                               Midshipman Nicholas Schmidt

Merchant Marine Academy                                                       Midshipman Josiah Jorden

Miami University                                                                      Midshipman Joshua Larue Kincaid

Michigan, University of                                                            Midshipman John Harden

Minnesota, University of                                                           Midshipman Brenna Templin

North Carolina State University                                                Officer Candidate Kellen Kloss

Norwich University                                                                  Midshipman Parker Robertson

Notre Dame, University of                                                       Midshipman Nathan Nash

Old Dominion University                                                         Officer Candidate Samuel Zimmerman

Pennsylvania State University                                                  Midshipman Olivia Unger

Purdue University                                                                    Midshipman Michael Brown

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute                                               Midshipman William P. Tan

Rochester, University of                                                           Midshipman Neil Williamson

Savannah State University                                                        Midshipman Matthew Hudson

Southern Louisiana State                                                          Ensign Connor Howlin

SUNY Maritime College                                                            Officer Candidate Branden Stetler

Texas at Austin, University of                                                   Midshipman Noah A. Freedman

Tulane University                                                                     Midshipman Andrew Sos

Utah, University of                                                                   Officer Candidate Jeremiah M. Whisenhunt

Villanova University                                                                 Midshipman First Class Dillon Tedesco

Virginia Military Institute                                                         Midshipman Ella M. Flickinger

Virginia, University of                                                              Midshipman William J. Newberg

Wisconsin, University of                                                           Midshipman Pope Mallette

Yale University                                                                         Midshipman Juliana N. Calvert