Dolphin Awards

Established in 1995, The Gold and Silver Dolphin Awards recognize annually the officer and enlisted submariners serving on a commissioned submarine on the anniversary of the Submarine Force (April 11) who have the earliest dates of qualification in submarines.

2019 Gold Dolphin Winner:

CAPT Robert E. Peters, USN, Qualified in submarines:

2019 Silver Dolphin Winner:

ETVCM(SS) Raymond L. Brown, USN, Qualified in submarines:


2018     CAPT Gerald N. Miranda, Jr., USN
2017     CAPT William C. McKinney, USN
2016     CAPT Nathan H. Martin, USN
2015     CAPT Louis E. Mayer IV, USN
2014     CAPT George Norman, USN
2013     CAPT David W. Kirk, USN
2012     CAPT Gregory M. Ott, USN
2011     CAPT John K. McDowell, USN
2010     CAPT Michael W. Brown, USN
2009     CAPT Michael W. Brown, USN
2008     CAPT John J. Litherland, USN
2007     CAPT John J. Litherland, USN
2006     CAPT Robert D. Kelso, USN
2005     CAPT (Sel) Pat Scanlon, USN
2004     CDR Charles A. Richard, USN
2003     CDR Richard A. Breckenridge, USN
2002     CDR Norman Moore, USN
2001     CAPT John Elnitsky II, USN
2000     CAPT Gregory S. Parker, USN
1999     CAPT Frank Murphy, USN
1998     CAPT Frank W. Stewart, USN
1997     CAPT Dana Roberts, USN
1996     CAPT Ralph H. Stoll, USN
1995     CAPT Ralph H. Stoll, USN


2018     STSCM(SS) Michael A. Johnson, USN
2017     STSCM(SS) Michael Johnson, USN
2015     ETCM Christopher D. Beauprez, USN
2014     CMDCM Eric H. Antoine, USN
2013     MMCM (SS) Ron Hatch, USN
2012     MMCM (SS) Korey P. Ketola, USN
2011     EMCM (SS) Robert A. McCombs, USN
2010     CMDCM (SS/DV) Richard A. Rose, USN
2009     CMDCM (SS/DV) Richard A. Rose, USN
2008     MMCM (SS) William G. Freeman, USN
2007     CMDCM (SS) Chris Shannon, USN
2006     MMCM (SS) Timothy Jacobs, USN
2005     CMDCM (SS) Russell C. Neal, USN
2004     CMDCM (SS) Russell C. Neal, USN
2003     MMCM (SS) Anthony Augustyn, USN
2002     ETCM (SS) Larry W. Keene, USN
2001     ETCM (SS) Gregory P. Fischer, USN
2000     MTCM (SS) Kenneth Hogue, USN
1999     MMCM (SS) Jeffrey S. Leonard, USN
1998     EMCM (SS) Ernst F. Wold, USN
1997     EMCM (SS) John Hilditch, USN
1996     MMCM (SS) Charles T. Privette, Jr, USN
1995     QMCM (SS) Robert J. Brown, USN