Distinguished Civilian Award

This award recognizes individuals whose work has been of significant importance to the Submarine Force. Some will be in high visibility positions, but of equal importance are those individuals who are less visible but whose work is best understood and appreciated by their associates on the submarine team. The criteria for the Naval Submarine League Distinguished Civilian Award are outlined in COMSUBLANT/COMSUBPAC INSTRUCTION 1650.6D, Enclosure (1), Section 10.


2020 Award Winners

Dr. William F. Bundy, Mr. Donald F. McCormack, and Mr. Eric S, Snider


2019 Award Winners

Ms. Sheila M. McNeill and Mr. Steven Schulze


2019 Award Winner: Ms. Sheila M. McNeill 

Citation for Ms. Sheila M. McNeill: 

Ms. Sheila McNeill is a peerless example of volunteer community leadership at both the national and local levels. A partial summary of her accomplishments is truly impressive. For the Navy League of the U.S., she served as the first female Georgia State president, and then the first female National President. She continues to serve the Navy League at the national level as a member of the Advisory Board and is an advocate for submarine force initiatives. She served as Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee for the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS). Her participation helped pave the way for women in the submarine force today. She currently serves on several key activities including the Camden County Partnership, the Board of Directors for the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation, and the Board of Directors of the St. Mary’s Submarine Museum. As a leader of these community-focused organizations, she has been a strong advocate to support and strengthen military missions, and improve the quality of life for military members. She has been instrumental in accomplishing these goals by enhancing regional military and community partnerships. As the southern regional leader for the Submarine Industrial Base Council, she has educated policymakers and the public on the need to preserve the strength of the Submarine Force, and promote the value of the submarine industrial base as a vital part of our national security structure. For over a decade, she has advocated for a Kings Bay area Technical College. This effort will bring courses and training to support high-skill needs for the Trident Refit Facility. These achievements over many years clearly warrant the Naval Submarine League Distinguished Civilian Award.

2019 Award Winner: Mr. Steven Schulze

Citation for Mr. Steven Schulze: 

For meritorious service as Executive Director of Undersea Warfare (SEA 07B). For over 12 years, Mr. Schulze was responsible for providing top level management and direction for all technical matters involving in-service nuclear powered submarines, deep submergence systems, and ocean engineering assets. His responsibilities encompassed all aspects of submarine life cycle support, safety, quality assurance, maintenance, performance monitoring, modernization, inactivation/recycling, trainers, and integrated logistics support. He managed over two hundred civil servants and military personnel at NAVSEA Headquarters and over 230 personnel at the Submarine Maintenance, Engineering, Planning, and Procurement Activity, in Kittery, Maine. He was responsible for executing a budget of over $1 billion dollars. His accomplishments included the certification of over 77 submarines and deep submergence systems. He led NAVSEA through the most technical, programmatic, and operational issues to face the submarine fleet, involving emergency repairs to two submarines and a major fire recovery on another submarine. His expert supervision of the extension of the 688 Class operational interval from 48 months to 72 months has resulted in a reduction of over 900,000 man-days of submarine maintenance and a return of over 60 months of operational capability to the fleet. He was instrumental in developing an acquisition strategy to execute two depot level maintenance periods at private shipyards, resulting in cost savings in excess of $100 million dollars. He has been the champion and standard bearer of the SUBSAFE, Deep Submergence System-Scope of Certification, and Fly-By-Wire Ship Control System programs. These achievements clearly warrant the Naval Submarine League Distinguished Civilian Award.

Past Distinguished Civilian Award Winners

2018     Mr. Fred Harris and Mr. Bill Johnson
2017     Mr. G. Daniel Tyler
2016     Dr. Edward G. Liszka
2015     Mr. Richard R. McNamara
2014     Mr. Thomas C. Conran
2013     Mr. Phillip E. Lantz
2012     Mr. Andrew (Jerry) Razmus and The Honorable John W. Warner
2011     Dr. Robert M. Snuggs
2010     Mr. Walter P. Kitonis III
2009     Mr. Michael Toner
2008     Mr. Thomas C. Schievelbein and Mr. John Welch
2007     Mr. Franklin C. Miller
2006     Mr. Andrew W. Marshall
2005     Dr. David Stanford
2004     Mr. Thomas R. Nutter
2003     Dr. William Browning
2002     Mr. James E. Turner
2001     Dr. John E. Sirmalis
2000     Mr. Richard L. Haver
1999     Mr. Carl H. Schmitt
1998     Dr. John P. Craven and Dr. Waldo K Lyons (posthumously)