Distinguished Civilian Award

This award recognizes individuals whose work has been of significant importance to the Submarine Force. Some will be in high visibility positions, but of equal importance are those individuals who are less visible but whose work is best understood and appreciated by their associates on the submarine team. The criteria for the Naval Submarine League Distinguished Civilian Award are outlined in COMSUBLANT/COMSUBPAC INSTRUCTION 1650.6D, Enclosure (1), Section 10.  Nomination packages should be sent to the Executive Director of the Naval Submarine League by 1 June, 2023.




2022 Distinguished Civilian Award

Mr. Stephen J. Trautman

Citation for Mr. Stephen J. Trautman :

For meritorious service as the Deputy Director of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program.

Mr. Trautman’s impact on the nuclear submarine force has been significant and enduring. As the Deputy Director for 14 years, he represented the submarine community on both the national and global stages. His oversight of all technical and administrative actions led to significant achievements by the Navy’s nuclear-powered fleet, including over 33 million miles safely steamed on nuclear power and responses to thousands of fleet support requests. Global access expanded to over 150 ports in 50 countries world-wide. Improvement in international relations included efforts to reinvigorate a United States/United Kingdom Royal Navy relationship that significantly contributed to the design of their next generation ballistic missile nuclear-powered submarine. He was involved in the selection and training of all personnel who supervise, operate, and maintain naval nuclear propulsion plants. Mr. Trautman’s leadership, insight, and expertise strengthened the naval reactors organization from within, solidified our partnerships around the world, and greatly improved the warfighting readiness of our nuclear-powered submarines.

Mr. Stephen J. Trautman is most deserving of recognition by the Naval Submarine League to receive the 2022 Distinguished Civilian Award.


2021 Award Winners

Dr. John M. Huckabay


Past Distinguished Civilian Award Winners

2021     Dr. John M. Huckabay
2020     Dr. William F Bundy, Mr. Donald F. McCormack, and Mr. Eric S. Snider
2019     Mr. Steven Schulze and Ms. Sheila M. McNeill
2018     Mr. Fred Harris and Mr. Bill Johnson
2017     Mr. G. Daniel Tyler
2016     Dr. Edward G. Liszka
2015     Mr. Richard R. McNamara
2014     Mr. Thomas C. Conran
2013     Mr. Phillip E. Lantz
2012     Mr. Andrew (Jerry) Razmus and The Honorable John W. Warner
2011     Dr. Robert M. Snuggs
2010     Mr. Walter P. Kitonis III
2009     Mr. Michael Toner
2008     Mr. Thomas C. Schievelbein and Mr. John Welch
2007     Mr. Franklin C. Miller
2006     Mr. Andrew W. Marshall
2005     Dr. David Stanford
2004     Mr. Thomas R. Nutter
2003     Dr. William Browning
2002     Mr. James E. Turner
2001     Dr. John E. Sirmalis
2000     Mr. Richard L. Haver
1999     Mr. Carl H. Schmitt
1998     Dr. John P. Craven and Dr. Waldo K Lyons (posthumously)