Chief Paul Golden Saunders Award

The Naval Submarine League Chief Paul Golden Saunders Award for Submarine Professional Excellence recognizes Chief Petty Officers (Active or Reserve) for achievement, contribution, specific action or consistent performance, which best exemplifies the traditional spirit embodied in the Submarine Force.

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2022 Saunders Award Winner:

STSCS (SS) Christopher D. Moulthrop, USN

for superior professional excellence as Sonar Division Leading Chief Petty Officer on USS LOUISIANA (SSBN 743).

Senior Chief Moulthrop has served in numerous roles on board. He is a consummate mentor and trainer. His efforts to build and maintain combat system proficiency have been extremely noteworthy and were instrumental in achieving superlative results in a recent Chief of Naval Operations availability. He effectively implemented the ship’s qualification program and achieved initial qualifications for more than forty sonarmen, fire control technicians, contact managers, and Officers of the Deck. Following an unplanned loss of the leading yeoman, he trained subordinates to effectively manage the ship’s office. He led two junior yeomen through the day-to-day administrative needs of a combined crew of more than 330 sailors. He became the expert in solving pay and personnel issues, conducting legal affairs, handling official correspondence, and managing awards and evaluations. He was vital in solving all administrative issues, while ensuring operations progressed smoothly. He qualified as Chief of the Boat (COB) and has performed at the COB level. He has fulfilled that role during absences of the assigned COB. He is an outstanding teammate, leader, and mentor for two entire crews of submariners.

Senior Chief Christopher D. Moulthrop is most deserving of recognition by the Naval Submarine League to receive the Chief Paul Golden Saunders Award for Submarine Professional Excellence.


Chief Paul Golden Saunders

Chief Paul Golden Saunders

Chief Paul Golden Saunders was a highly decorated United States Navy submarine sailor who was twice awarded the Silver Star medal during World War II.He enlisted in the Navy in 1936 and served for 26 years before retiring as GMGC(SS) in 1962. Prior to submarines, Chief Saunders served on the light cruiser USS RALEIGH (CL-7) and on destroyers MCCOOK (DD-252) and SAMPSON (DD-394).

Paul qualified in submarines aboard R-4 (SS-81) in 1940 and subsequently served in BARB (SS-220), CUSK (SS-348), CARBONERO (SS-337), and THEODORE ROOSEVELT (SSBN-600).

The only landing of US military forces on the island of Japan during hostilities included Saunders. They destroyed a 16-car train on the coastal railway with an explosive charge, using a microswitch under the rails to trigger the explosion.

Paul was highly regarded as one of the most decorated enlisted men in the Submarine Service, distinguishing himself during World War II while serving on board the BARB. Paul made all twelve of BARB’s war patrols, five in the Atlantic and seven in the Pacific and was Chief of the Boat (COB) for patrols #9–12. He was also COB for the submarines CUSK, CARBONERO andTHEODORE ROOSEVELT.