The NSL presents more than 100 awards to members of the submarine community every year. In addition to awards that recognize significant achievements, there are literary and photo awards. A number of the awards are presented at the NSL Annual Symposium.

Click the Navy or Naval Submarine League award below to read about the person for whom the award is named, the current recipient of the award, and the criteria and process for nomination and selection.


The NSL is a professional society, composed of military (Active and Reserve) and civilian members, dedicated to enhanced awareness and support of the Submarine Force. Since 1986, the NSL has presented annual awards to individuals who have made outstanding contributions or demonstrated performance worthy of special recognition. Awardees do not have to be members of the NSL.

Procedures for nominations for the Navy awards are provided in COMSUBLANT/COMSUBFOR INSTRUCTION 1650.6C. Specific criteria for nominations are outlined in enclosure (1) and the award submission format is described in enclosure (2) of that Instruction.

VADM Charles A. Lockwood Award for Submarine Professional Excellence (Enclosure 1, Section 1)
VADM Levering Smith Award for Submarine Support Achievement (Enclosure 1, Section 2)
RADM Frederick B. Warder Award for Outstanding Achievement (Enclosure 1, Section 3)
RADM Jack N. Darby Award for Inspirational Leadership and Excellence of Command (Enclosure 1, Section 4)
FLTCM (SS) Frank A. Lister Award for Exceptional Leadership and Motivation (Enclosure 1, Section 5)
Naval Post Graduate School Award for Submarine Excellence in Undersea Warfare (Enclosure 1, Section 6)
VADM J. Guy Reynolds Award for Excellence in Submarine Acquisition (Enclosure 1, Section 7)
Dolphin Awards (Enclosure 1, Section 9)


The procedures and criteria for these awards are provided on each award page.

Distinguished Civilian Award
Distinguished Submariner Award – formerly Submarine Hero Award
Literary Awards
Photo Contest Awards
Local Chapter Awards
Naval War College Award
NROTC Awards — Naval Submarine League (NSL) Outstanding Achievement Award (also known as the Rear Admiral Frederick B. Warder Outstanding Achievement Award)