From: Commander, Office of Naval Intelligence
Encl:    (1) Undersea Warfare Industry Day Agenda

  1. The Commander, Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) will host an Undersea Warfare Industry Day to provide intelligence briefings to improve key Undersea Warfare (USW) contractor knowledge.
  2. USW contractors rely on resource sponsors and program managers to provide intelligence necessary for the successful design, construction, and testing of USW systems. However, despite frequent government-customer engagement, relevant intelligence assessments often fail to reach supporting contractor teams. The Industry Day will update USW contractor community leaders on potential adversary USW advances and relevant technology trends to help ensure continued United States (U.S.) superiority in this critical warfare domain.
  3. ONI requests attendance by appropriately-cleared (Top Secret/Secret Compartmented Infonnation) USW vendors with a valid need-to-know, whose design efforts would be aided by access to relevant intelligence assessments. ONT anticipates this event will be most relevant to those currently designing and building U.S. submarines and related systems.
  4. This event will be held at ONl’s Headquarters within the National Maritime Intelligence Center in Suitland, MD on Tuesday, 8 August Remote sites will be able to view the event using secure video teleconference facilities. If necessary, additional events covering the same information will be made available to other appropriately-cleared USW vendors with a need-to­ know.
  5. Interested organizations are asked to provide a roster of attendees by 14 July 2023 to

LT Coleman Sharpe, ONI Integrated Warfare (N9), NIPR:; SIPR:; (301) 669-2370 and

Craig Shelden, Senior Naval Intelligence Officer for USW – NIPR:, SIPR:; (301) 669-3762.

Deputy Commander

Undersea Warfare Industry Day

Tuesday, August 08, 2023

Tentative Agenda

0730 – 0830           Visitors Arrive / Escorted to ONI Auditorium 0815       VTC Start

0830 – 0845           Welcome, Site Roll Call, Introductions

0845 – 0900           Kickoff and ONI Overview

0900-0930            Blue Framing

0930-1030            UxVs Brief

15 Minutes            Break

1045-1115            Adversary USW Strategy and Operations

1115-1145            Adversary USW Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

1145-1200            ACINT Brief

1200 – 1245           Lunch

1245-1330            Adversary Submarine Construction Brief

1330-1400            C4ISR Brief

1400-1500            Threats to Industry

15 Minutes                 Break

1515-1545            Adversary SSW Part 1

1545-1615            Adversary SSW Part 2

1615-1645            USSI

~1645 – 1700          Closing Remarks