this week’S HEADLINES


  • 7/17 China building 8 subs for Pakistan (
  • 7/16 USS Buffalo (SSN 715) honored at inactivation ceremony (
  • 7/16 Life aboard a nuclear missile sub (
  • REUNIONS this week:     (Click on Calendar button for details)
    USS Darter (SS-576) – 7/21-25
  • 7/15 Washington state provides testing ground for underwater vehicles (TheKitsapSun)
  • 7/15 US and Japan fire missiles to sink ship during RIMPAC (TheHonoluluStarAdvisoer) ( (
  • 7/14 Marines in Rome, Georgia hear about value of ballistic missile subs (northwest
  • 7/14 New START should be extended (
  • 7/13 Congressman says maintenance for USS Indiana will go to Electric Boat (TheDay)
  • 7/13 Navy researches test for sub vibration noise (
  • 7/12 USS Nebrasks returns from strategic deterrence patrol (
  • 7/12 Undersea Technology Apprentice Program in Rhode Island for high school students (NUWCDivisionNewport)
  • 7/12 Report to Congress (6/29/18) on background and issues of Virginia-class subs (
  • 7/12 Design proposals submitted for Taiwan subs (
  • 7/11 USS Blueback serves as memorial and museum in Portland, Oregon (atlasobscura)
  • 7/11 Attack sub “fly-by-wire” technology shifts strategy (warriormaven)
  • 7/11 Russian sub in convoy through Gulf of Finland (
  • 7/11 Sub to fire Harpoon anti-ship missile during RIMPAC (
  • 7/11 USS John Warner returns to Norfolk from Mediterranean ( ( (
  • 7/11 Report to Congress on Columbia-class program (
  • 7/9 RIMPAC hosts sub rescue symposium (
  • Click here to watch time-lapse video of future USS Indiana roll out and launch (
  • Click here to watch video from PCU Hyman G. Rickover’s keel laying
  • Click here (and then click VIDEOS on the left) to watch SUBLANT’s Facebook video commemorating 118 years of outstanding submarine service
  • Click here to watch video about stealth of subs 

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