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  • Today is 19 October 2018 … just ONE WEEK until “Hunter Killer” opens nationwide in a movie theater near you! Click here to watch the trailer.  Click here to watch a 25 minute press conference with VADM Roegge and Gerard Butler from KVAL news.
  • 10/18 Columbia class subs to have special propulsion system (
  • 10/18 Thailand designing midget subs (
  • 10/17 Submarine Delaware to be christened 10/20/18 in Newport News, VA (
  • 10/16 Submarine Vermont to be christened 10/20/18 in Connecticut (
  • 10/16 Deployment of Chinese attack sub in Indian Ocean unconfirmed by defense ministry (
  • 10/15 Gerard Butler prepped for “Hunter Killer” aboard USS Houston (
  • 10/15 Russian sub hid on ocean floor during Black Sea drill (
  • 10/14 New training in Rhode Island for building subs (
  • UPCOMING REUNIONS     (click calendar button and then click on the event in the calendar to see details)
    10/15-18      USS Sea Cat (SS 399)
    10/16-20      USS Barracuda (WAS K 1/ SSK 1)
    10/16-20      USS Mackeral (SST 1)
    10/16-20      USS Marlin (SST 2)
    10/20-24      USS Bashaw (SSK 241)
    10/21-24      USS Diablo (SS 479)
    10/21-28      USS Andrew Jackson (SSBN 619)
    10/21-28      USS Odax (SS 484)
  • 10/11 Russia testing UUV to tow sonar array (
  • 10/10 U.S. must invest in undersea technology to keep ahead of Russian advances (
  • 10/9 Commentary: Canada is ignoring the Russian threat (

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