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    4/20-22 USS John Marshall (SSBN 611) reunion

    4/20-23 USS Cavalla (SS 244 and SSN 684) reunions
    4/21 US Naval Academy Submarine Birthday Ball
    4/22-25 USS Simon Bolivar (SSBN 641) reunion
    4/26-29 Reunions for USS Argonaut (SS 475) and USS Bluefish (SS 222 & SSN 675)

    4/28 Washington, DC area Submarine Birthday Ball
    4/30 USS Chopper (SS 342) reunion
  • 4/20 British submariners play cricket on Arctic ice (
  • 4/18 Atomic magnetometers detect underwater objects (physics world)
  • 4/18 Celebration of 150 year old Navy installation and 118 year old sub force (
  • 4/18 Submarine service wants more women (
  • 4/17 Russian subs kept British subs from firing on Syria’s chemical weapons capability (maritimeherald)
  • 4/17 Admiral says China increasing undersea warfare capability with stolen U.S. technology (
  • 4/17 Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics dominate current spending for weapons (
  • 4/17 Navy to spend $21B to modernize public shipyards (
  • 4/16 Senator says expanding Navy fleet needs skilled workers for shipyards (
  • 4/17 Congressman says U.S. has dangerous sub shortage (
  • 4/16 USS John Warner first Virginia-class sub to fire missiles in combat ( (4/16 seapower magazine)
  • 4/16 British sub encountered Russian sub within range of Syria (
  • 4/16 Navy plans for more subs (
  • 4/15 U.S. sub launched missile strike against Syria’s chemical weapons (
  • 4/13 Columbia-class program on schedule and on track (seapowermagazine) (4/16
  • 4/13 Modernized Draper guidance system successful (seapowermagazine)
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