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  • 3/21 Sub Flag Officer visits USS Ashville SSN 758 in Australia (
  • 3/15 How the US Plans to expand its submarine industrial base for AUKUS (
  • 3/2 Navy astronaut leads NASA’s next space mission (
  • 2/28 Draper to sustain sensors for Trident II sub launched missiles (
  • 2/27 US submarine receives 3D printer (
  • 2/16 Navy Week Sailing in Tucson during Rodeo (
  • 2/13 Australian Commanders to Have Control over Nuclear-powered Submarines and Reactors (
  • 2/12 By Land and by Sea, Challenges Today and Tomorrow: Interview with Admiral James G. Foggo (
  • 2/9 Newport News has fully staffed attack sub line (
  • 2/7 Australia’s First Nuclear Submarine Could Be a Reality in Less Than 30 Years, Former PACOM Commander Testifies (
  • 2/6 Centennial Seven Submariner Recognized (
  • 12/1 VIDEOClick here to watch 2 minute video from the office of Commander Submarine Forces (www.sublant)
  • 11/19 VIDEO Click here to watch the keel-laying ceremony for USS Arkansas (PCU 800) (
  • 11/8 NEWS FROM NSL 2022 SYMPOSIUM: Navy targets Ohio-class subs for life extensions (
  • 11/6 NEWS FROM NSL 2022 SYMPOSIUM: Warning about China from US Strategic Command Chief (
  • 11/4 NEWS FROM NSL 2022 SYMPOSIUM: US Military nuclear commander warns America is “going to get tested” (
  • 11/4 NEWS FROM NSL 2022 SYMPOSIUM: US Nuclear chief sounds alarm about pace of China’s nuclear weapons program (
  • 11/3 NEWS FROM NSL 2022 SYMPOSIUM: Stratcom Commander says look to regain competitive edge (
  • 11/3 NEWS FROM NSL 2022 SYMPOSIUM: Integration of Women in Submarine Fleet Key to Future Sub Fleet (
  • 11/3 NEWS FROM NSL 2022 SYMPOSIUM: Navy advances electronic navigation for subs after collision (
  • 11/3 NEWS FROM NSL 2022 SYMPOSIUM: Sub Admiral on China (
  • 11/3 NEWS FROM NSL 2022 SYMPOSIUM: Attack Sub Chief Talks SSN(X), Maintenance Challenges (
  • 11/3 NEWS FROM NSL 2022 SYMPOSIUM: Better weapons, training bolster US submarine force (
  • 11/2 NEWS FROM NSL 2022 SYMPOSIUM: Navy examining potential for a new shipyard (
  • 11/2 NEWS FROM NSL 2022 SYMPOSIUM: Navy Plans to Extend 5 Ohio-Class Subs (
  • 11/2 NEWS FROM NSL 2022 SYMPOSIUM: SECNAV Delivers Remarks at the Naval Submarine League Annual Symposium (
  • 11/2 NEWS FROM NSL 2022 SYMPOSIUM: Navy Expanding Submarine Presence on Guam (
  • 11/2 NEWS FROM NSL 2022 SYMPOSIUM: Navy Plans to Block Buy Five Columbia Submarines (
  • 11/1 NEWS FROM NSL 2022 SYMPOSIUM: Navy plans to seek block buy for five Columbia-class subs (
  • 5/22 VIDEO News video of the USS Maine (SSBN 741) (
  • 4/11/22 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE U.S. SUBMARINE FORCE!!!  122 years of excellence!
  • 9/2 VIDEO Construction begins on new USS Utah (
  • 8/12 VIDEOS about repairs to USS Cod (
  • 7/31 VIDEO Rickover christening (
  • 6/4 VIDEO Quiet, deadly and expensive: Navy’s plan to upgrade aging subs (
  • 6/2 VIDEO Silent Service (
  • 3/19 Click here to watch a YouTube video about ICEX 2020!
  • VIDEO – Click here for video from ABC News on USS Florida in the Mediterranean “active” with the Russians
  • 9/30 On this date in 1954, the USS Nautilus was commissioned in Groton, CT.  It was the world’s first nuclear-powered submarine and the first submarine to finish a submerged transit of the North Pole.
  • 8/3 On this date in 1958, USS Nautilus (SSN 571) arrived, under the ice, at the North Pole!  It was the first submarine to achieve this feat, made possible because it was the first submarine under nuclear power.
  • 4/11 NATIONAL SUBMARINE DAY-The U.S. Navy acquired Holland VI, the Navy’s first modern commissioned submarine, on April 11, 1900.The first known U.S. Navy submarine (1862) was the USS Alligator, the fourth United States Navy ship of that name.  The Alligator was active during the American Civil War. America’s very first submarine, the Turtle, was built in the Revolutionary War era.  However, the United States Navy did not exist when the Turtle was operational.
    Designed by Irish-American inventor John Phillip Holland in 1896, the Holland VI was launched on May 17, 1897, at Navy Lt. Lewis Nixon’s Crescent Shipyard in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  It was later purchased by the United States Navy on April 11, 1900, becoming the United States Navy’s first commissioned submarine and renamed USS Holland (SS-1).
  • VIDEO – Click here for video on life aboard USS Annapolis (
  • VIDEO: Click here to watch a video of the commissioning ceremony of the USS South Dakota
  • VIDEO: Click here to watch a video tour inside PCU Vermont with clip of christening with sparkling wine called “Northern Spy”
  • PICTURES: Click here to see Santa’s new sleigh
  • VIDEO: Click here to watch “Deep Blue Christmas” a music video produced by crew members from USS John Warner (SSN 785)
  • Click here to find out how President George H. W. Bush was connected to the Naval Submarine League
  • Click here to watch video of LT George H. W. Bush being rescued by the submarine USS Finback
  • “Hunter Killer”  Click here to watch the trailer.  Click here to watch a 25 minute press conference with VADM Roegge and Gerard Butler from KVAL news.
  • Youtube videos of interviews with Gerard Butler about “Hunter Killer”:
    Late Night with Seth Meyers
    The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
    Live with Kelly and Ryan
  • Click here to watch time-lapse video of future USS Indiana roll out and launch (
  • Click here to watch video from PCU Hyman G. Rickover’s keel laying
  • Click here (and then click VIDEOS on the left) to watch SUBLANT’s Facebook video commemorating 118 years of outstanding submarine service
  • Click here to watch video about stealth of subs 

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