this week’S HEADLINES


  • 2/16 Office of Naval Research awards grants to US and Australian academic institutions for hydrodynamics research (
  • 2/15 Navy testifies about recruiting and retention (usninews)
  • 2/15 SUBLANT announces Sailors of the Year 2017 (
  • 2/14 USS Texas arrives at homeport Pearl Harbor – 31 earned “dolphins” (
  • 2/14 Groundbreaking on new building for ship design and STEM in Newport News (dailypress)
  • 2/13 Analysis of Russian sub tactics in the Atlantic (
  • 2/13 USS Mississippi arrives at Yokosuka, Japan (
  • 2/12 Sub funding in Pentagon budget 2019 (
  • 2/13 More on NASA’s plan to send a sub to Saturn (
  • 2/13 Thinking about the Chinese sub threat to Japan (
  • 2/12 More about Artificial Intelligence for Chinese subs (
  • 2/12 Naval Sea Systems Executive Director visits Naval Undersea Warfare Center (
  • 2/12 Navy’s five-year shipbuilding/deployment plan (
  • 2/12 Trump’s Nuclear Posture Review and China (thediplomatonline)

What We Do


From Hawaii to Florida, there are 10 chapters nationwide with meetings and activities.

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Submarine Review

The Submarine Review is a quarterly publication providing a forum for information and opinion on a variety of submarine-related topics.

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2017 Award Winners

Eight active duty submariners received awards for outstanding performance at the 2017 Annual Symposium.

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Did you know?

8 members of the U.S. submarine force have received the Medal of Honor.

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